Tuesday, 27 March 2012

New Releases: A Few Further Tales of Einarinn

Hot off the e-press today - a spanky new e-book collection from Juliet E. McKenna! Published by Wizard's Tower Press, A Few Further Tales of Einarinn collects together five stories from McKenna's excellent Einarinn fantasy series - from the blurb:

Win Some, Lose Some tells the story of that first encounter with Arle Cordainer which Livak mentions from time to time in the Tales. Find out why she’s intent on revenge.

A Spark in the Darkness sees Halice, Livak, Sorgrad and Gren coping with Halice’s injury between The Thief’s Gamble and The Swordsman’s Oath – tricky, when someone wants them all dead.

Absent Friends details Livak’s first introduction to Ryshad’s family, and what followed

Why the Pied Crow Always Sounds Disappointed explains why Sorgrad and Gren were in Solura before The Assassin’s Edge – and why leaving them to their own devices is seldom a good idea.

The Wedding Gift sees Livak and Halice looking forward to the future, just as long as they can tidy up a few loose ends from their old lives.
A Few Further Tales of Einarinn is available in epub & mobi formats, and can be had for £2.99 from Wizard's Tower Press here.

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